This is Not your Mother's macrame! 


The Feral Knot's macramé owl is reminiscent of the vintage owl designs of the 70s, but with a contemporary twist. Macramé is making a huge comeback in modern décor, it is often seen in bohemian, mid-century, and Scandinavian minimalist home design. We will be working with 100% natural cotton fibre, 3 strand twisted 3/16" undyed rope, wood beads, and Lake Huron driftwood (completed owl is approximately 18"x42").


In this 4 hour session, Tanya of The Feral Knot will lead demonstrations, answer questions, and provide guidance throughout the process to see you through to completion. You will learn about the history of macramé, as well as the therapeutic benefits of textile and fiber arts. By the end of the session, you will understand the major knots involved in macramé project design and you will leave with a finished vintage owl that is ready to adorn your home or give as a gift.


This workshop is designed for beginners - No experience necessary


*Did we mention our studio is BYOB friendly?!  Bring what you like, we supply the glasses as well as refreshments!

The Feral Knot was born of creator Tanya Smith and her desire to share her love of a popular 1970’s textile art. Tanya’s current work draws you into the traditional craft with a uniquely modern and rustic twist. Her work highlights an array of moons, owls, and trees, with the elegance of expertly crafted hanging planters and textile pieces that include woven vistas and found objects. Her personal style undoubtedly celebrates the wild feminine through tying together narratives of folk art with untamed landscapes.

In a natural extension of her own work, Tanya now offers the public a chance to engage in workshops to embody in a visceral experience of expressive knot-work. Drawing on her 20 years of experience as an educator, facilitator, and social worker, Tanya offers each participant a solid grasp of technique and a compassionate space to learn and reveal their unique visions. She emboldens a new generation of textile artists to embrace macrame’s calming and meditative effects, while passing along the legacy of traditional knotting.


Cost: $105/person

Time: 4 hours

Where: reFIND Studio - 58 Mill St. West Elora (directly across from our retail shop)

Vintage Macramé Owl Workshop - Saturday May 25 - 12pm





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