Creating art is a powerful experience. Whether it is a DIY project for our home, or something more personally expressive, the creative process allows us the space to lose ourselves in play and exploration, even if only for a couple of hours. This practice of artmaking can serve as a means for supporting healthy self-expression, mental wellness, and self-care.

As an art therapist, Jazmine Tufford-Singh (registered Psychotherapist) has the pleasure of joining clients in their personal journey by offering this safe, creative space as an opportunity for deeper healing. In the context of therapy, artmaking invites people to communicate in a different way, expressing what words sometimes cannot, ultimately connecting more with one’s inner self, and therefore with others.

In this workshop, Jazmine will lead an exploration into the world of artmaking for personal self-expression and wellness. Guided by an introduction to the symbolism of the circle and mandala, each participant will be invited to create a self-mandala, a non-traditional interpretation using mixed media materials (collage images, pastels, paints, etc.) to represent a part of the self. Though the focus of this workshop will be on the process of creativity for wellness, as opposed to the product, each participant will leave with a final art piece to display.

Please be advised that this is not a therapy workshop. It is a workshop that seeks to share further about how to practice art expression to connect and care for one’s self, and inspire this for future creative practice, even if its just taking place in your living room.

When making art, many memories, experiences, and emotions can come forth for us, both expected and unexpected, both positive and negative. As an experienced facilitator, Jazmine works to provide a safe holding space for all who attend her workshops, and this includes facilitating any moments of sharing that may come forth in an appropriate, compassionate, and professional way. There will be time allotted for reflection, sharing, and discussion woven into the workshop should participants feel it to be helpful to express about their process or their artwork. However, sharing is not required within this workshop. Further, absolutely no artistic experience is required to attend.


Cost: $85

Time: 2 hours (approx.)

Place:  reFIND Studio - 58 Mill St. West Elora (bright yellow storefront across from our retail store, close to the Elora Mill).

The Self-Mandala: An Art & Wellness Workshop - Wednesday October 2 - 6pm





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