Natural Wool Dryer Balls (neutral mixed packs include: tan, grey, brown, & cream)


This 3pk of 100% wool dryer balls are a fantastic and simple way to eliminate the toxins in fabric softener (liquid or sheets) from your home. They work by naturally fluffing the clothes while the dryer runs, eliminating static and wrinkles, and cutting down on drying time, saving you money! Simply toss in the dryer with your load, and start the dryer!


TIP: If you experience static while using these wool dryer balls, reduce the drying time.




100% sustainably sourced local wool, with neutral colours & 100% wool yarn

Each ball is approximately 3" in size and contains the exact same amount of wool by weight, but given their handmade nature will vary slightly in size and shape, lending to the beauty of handmade.

Natural Wool Dryer Balls