We're big SUCC's for SUCCULENTS!  Learn the basics of caring for and planting succulents using premium plants & soil to create your very own personalized gardens.  Choose either a large vessel or several small vessels made from reused items or found objects (ie. vintage silver, antique tins, glassware and more).  Add different sizes, colours & shapes of plants to create a unique and interesting design.  Decorate with stones, lush mosses & other gorgeous additions and create a mini succulent garden to take home!  


Your Mini Succulent Garden workshop includes:

• A selection of vessels for planting, ranging from larger tins, glass cylinders & dishes to smaller vessels such as tins, tarnished silver, tea cups and more.  You leave with either 1 large garden, or 2-3 small gardens.

• choice of 3 x 1.5" succulent plants (additional plants are $5 each, payable by cash or credit at the class)

• premium cactus & succulent soil and mosses, stones, sands, etc for decorating

• an information booklet with tips & tricks for caring for succulents

• and of course, your mini succulent planter(s) to take home!


Cost: $50
Time: 1-2hrs
Where: reFIND Studio - 58 Mill St. West Elora (directly across from our retail shop on Mill St!)

Mini Succulent Gardens - Wednesday May 29 - 6pm

  • All drop-in registrations are considered final sale.  If the event is cancelled by reFIND for unforeseen reasons, notice will be given by phone and/or email to participants 2 days prior to start date. Participants will be refunded fees in full in this case.




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