Join the talented baker Lauren Hambleton in the studio to socialize with like-minded bakers and get busy creating something new with your hands. During the Decorative Pie Workshop, each guest will create a masterpiece of a seasonal pie to go home with and bake in your oven -- filling your home with a wonderful aroma of fresh baked goods! Bakers will be guided through demonstrations and instructions on how to creatively and individually decorate your pie -- whether it be with intricate lattice work or different cuts outs and textures. Group size is capped at 8 to allow for maximum opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and get to know your fellow bakers. 
We will work our way through a guided pie dough tasting session -- tasting and discussing the different types and varieties of fats commonly used in pie doughs...lard..generic butter..high fat butter..grass fed butter. We will be using nothing but high-quality, local ingredients whenever possible. Everything from aprons to pens will be provided for you, as well as light snacks, tea, and coffee. For similar workshops and more information, visit 
Lauren is a Culinary graduate of Humber College. Upon graduation, she spent the next 3 years living in and travelling through much of Western Europe, gaining work experience to further her career. She worked for different lengths of time in Amsterdam, Rome, and various cities throughout the UK. In May of 2013, Lauren enrolled herself in a bread program at the San Francisco Baking Institute. This is where her love of bread really began to develop.

From 2014-2017, Lauren held the position of Pastry Chef for Peller Estates Winery – the most visited winery in all of North America. She developed a bread and pastry program designed around crafting every detail in house, including baking fresh sourdough bread daily for the restaurant. She received the "Top 30 Under 30" award from the Ontario Hostelry Institute for her work. Lauren now teaches Baking + Pastry at Humber College. 

In the fall of 2017, Lauren took a road trip to Smoke Signals Bakery in Marshall, North Carolina. She spent two weeks working with Tara Jensen (@bakerhands), assisting with her wood-fired baking workshops and absorbing every detail Tara was willing to share about bread, fire, and the stars that make up the universe we call home. It was upon returning home that Lauren started to create her own workshops based around Sourdough and Pies, fueled by Tara's contagious passion and success. 


Cost:  $75/person

Time:  3hrs (approx)

Location:  reFIND Studio - 58 Mill St. West Elora (directly across from our retail store & steps from the new Elora Mill).

Bake Lab - Decorative Pies - Monday June 24 - 6pm





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